Men, Here’s Why You Need a Skincare Routine this 2021

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When it comes to health and wellness, men love to focus on things like fitness, the right diet, and vitamins. More often than not, they overlook a specific part that also needs taking care of – one that’s actually the largest organ in the human body.


Skincare is frequently associated with beauty and femininity, which is why most men believe that to genuinely care about one’s skin is vain and emasculating. That shouldn’t be the case, though, given that everyone, regardless of their gender, has skin and all the various issues that come with it.


To add to that, skin is unique to each person, and products that work for your friends or even family members may not necessarily work for you.


Unfortunately, men have been conditioned to believe that male skincare should only concentrate on areas like cleansing and facial hair. Because of this, the majority of them are unaware of how to address their specific skin issues or how to achieve bright and healthy skin. 



With that, here’s why creating an effective skincare routine should be on every man’s agenda this 2021.


  1. Male skin is more susceptible to harmful free radicals


The term “free radicals” refers to nano-particles that cause great damage to our cells, resulting in illnesses and signs of aging. Men are more susceptible to this than women because their sebaceous glands are more active, resulting in significantly larger pores.


Not only does this lead to males having oilier and shinier faces, but it also makes them more prone to suffering the effects of free radicals in the air. These issues should serve as a wake-up call for men that they should invest in a good skincare regimen that aims to protect their skin while simultaneously removing excess oils.


  1. Shaving makes the skin more sensitive


Shaving may be a crucial part of nearly every man’s daily routine; however, doing so actually strips away the outermost layer of the skin, exposing the more sensitive and more “immature” layer. Failing to properly take care of this can result in a whole slew of issues, including irritation, dryness, ingrown hairs, and the like.


Having a full beard doesn’t exempt you from needing a skincare regimen, either. In fact, facial hair, no matter how thick it is, requires more rigorous care since the skin underneath becomes more prone to redness and dryness. Dandruff or flaky skin is also common, which is why good cleansers and moisturizers are necessary.


  1. Skin needs to be protected from sun damage


The effects of sun exposure go beyond weird tan lines and painful burns. Rather, it can also cause irreversible damage, such as premature aging and an increased risk for skin cancer.


However, most men fail to understand this; a 2013 survey in the United States found that less than 15% of males, compared with 30% of females, claimed to regularly use sunscreen on their face and other oft-exposed body parts. Doing so is an integral part of a daily skincare regimen, which further underscores why men need to start paying more attention to their skin and whatever products that they put on it.


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As men, we have a tendency to neglect our skin. We’ve been taught that it’s vain and emasculating to care about this body part in the same way women do.


But, skincare is just as important—if not more so given that there are certain health risks associated with poor hygiene or inadequate sun protection, among other things. Given this, it’s time that all men start taking their skin more seriously.


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