We were born out of a need. 

It seemed like skincare products for men were nowhere to be found in local stores. Perhaps because big name manufacturers know that the Philippines have a deeply rooted machismo culture, or simply maybe that we just accepted that men shouldn't even make an effort to better themselves in terms of personal care.

Personal care brands for men were just nowhere to be found. 

So we dared to ask why.. and decided to challenge toxic masculinity stereotypes

And through answering why, we were inspired to create a lifestyle brand that not only helps Filipino men in bettering themselves, but also a brand that embodies what a modern progressive man should be; improving and redefining what it means to be "The Man"

Our Mission

We strive to be the no.1 "go-to" brand in the men's personal care space; we plan on doing that by creating no b.s products, that are simple, safe & effective.

Our Vision

We aspire to foster a lifestyle brand, in which we aspire to live the lifestyle of what a progressive man should be, using our platform to open a healthy conversation about toxic masculinity stereotypes.